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Разговор со корисник:Future Perfect at Sunrise: Разлика помеѓу преработките

:::And please note that this wasn't written with a hostile tone, even though when I read it again, it sounds so :)
:::: No, MacedonianBoy didn't "invent" the idea, he took it from a publication of two Macedonian academics who have been promoting the hypothesis for a while. As I said, it's an isolated fringe view. It could be legitimately treated in ''some'' article, I suppose, but not in a way that simply ignores the established majority view. Unfortunately that's difficult to do in an article entitled "Ancient Macedonian alphabet", because the majority view is that no such thing existed, so the very existence of the article is prejudicial in favour of the fringe view.
:::: By the way, I did open a discussion on article talk. Nobody has answered as yet. About the other articles, doesn't [[:en:WP:BOLD]] apply in this place?
:::: And no, if you are εντάξει as a Wikipedian, you will not "be forced" to block me. Doing so would be a very obvious violation of Wikipedia policy and the admin code of conduct. Your warning was spurious from the start, and there was nothing wrong in my edits. Indeed, the abusive edits were your unjustified reverts. [[User:Future Perfect at Sunrise|Future Perfect at Sunrise]] <small>([[User talk:Future Perfect at Sunrise|разговор]])</small> 11:47, 30 октомври 2008 (UTC)