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Hi! After the CEE Meeting in Belgrad we decided to start Ukrainian-Estonian cooperation week. So, we made it from November, 26 till December, 9. We wrote articles together about Estonia in Ukrainian Wiki and about Ukraine in Estonian Wiki. So, now I want to make the same week between Ukraine and Macedonia. How do you think about this? The results of first week are here and here. And what dates is suitable for this Week? --Visem (разговор) 22:51, 23 декември 2012 (CET)

Good proposal. I will create new wiki-project WUMC.--brest (разговор) 08:10, 24 декември 2012 (CET)

Very good beginning will be if we have list of articles about Macedonia which should be in every encyclopedia, and list of articles about Ukraine which should be in every encyclopedia. May be we should have one short and one long list. Can we start building that lists? Something similar to Википедија:Потребни статии, but connected to Macedonia and Ukraine. --brest (разговор) 09:47, 25 декември 2012 (CET)

I like the idea a lot. In order to complete this project successfully, I think it is better to see how many people are interested in this project before we decide the dates. Maybe we can give to the wiki-communities a period of one week (a notification in MediaWiki:Sitenotice) so they can put their names in the list of interested users. After that, we can decide about the dates and start with the work. Otherwise, here, we will be two or three users :) Best--Никола Стоіаноски 11:24, 25 декември 2012 (CET)
Your proposal for sitenotice notification is good. In this moment we have 6 early registered members listed on the project page WUMC. In the meantime we (early registered members) should try to define the project the best way we can. By my opinion period between last week of January and beginning of February is good time to start with the intensive work. --brest (разговор) 08:11, 5 јануари 2013 (CET)

For Macedonian friends[уреди извор]

Dear Macedonian friends!

Thank you for taking part in НУМС. I think that НУМС is good step for further wiki-cooperation between Macedonia and Ukraine. And I hope that you will write from time to time something about my country in mk-wiki, and by myself I will try to enrich uk-wiki with information about Macedonia. Best wishes to all of you! --Visem (разговор) 22:22, 18 февруари 2013 (CET)