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Vowel chart[уреди извор]

@MacedonianBoy: What part of 'provide a reason for the revert' don't you understand? The image is unsourced. Mr KEBAB (разговор) 19:48, 27 јануари 2017 (CET)

@Mr KEBAB: since the image is unsourced, pls go on Commons and start to discuss there. When you statements will be approved, then u can delete the image here.--Р ашоAero-stub img.svg 20:15, 27 јануари 2017 (CET)
Википедија:Проверливост reads (Google Translate translation):
- "Editors that add or modify content in the articles which significantly modify their terms must specify trusted sources, otherwise their edits can be freely deleted."
- "Editors that add new content in an article should cite the source, otherwise any other editor has the right to delete such content."
- "The obligation to indicate the source of information is the one editor that adds specific content and not the one that seeks to remove that content."
There's also Википедија:Без свои истражувања ('no original research'). You seem to be breaking rules by suggesting what I think you're suggesting. Come on... Mr KEBAB (разговор) 20:26, 27 јануари 2017 (CET)
  • Link 1. More or less it's the same, so why being so arrogant? The vowels are those, we don't add new ones, just the academically accepted presentation of the vowel system is employed. --Никола Стоіаноски 19:52, 27 јануари 2017 (CET)
    • Oh give me a break. It's not on me that neither of you provided a valid reason for reverting me, and it happened before (in fact, also today) on Hebrew Wiki, and I was just sick of it. Anyway, let's call it even. We've been both less than civil to each other. Thanks for switching to the table, but it's not the same thing. Not even roughly, it's something entirely different. The purpose of vowel trapeziums (such as the one I wanted removed) is to show precisely (or almost precisely) where in the mouth the vowels are articulated. And since the chart was unsourced, we can't be sure that it's accurate in any way. That was my point. Thanks again for switching to the table. Mr KEBAB (разговор) 20:09, 27 јануари 2017 (CET)
      • It is the same. Front/ Back - Open/ Closed/ - Rounded/ Unrounded.... the difference being not having visual representation of the manner of articulation ;) --Никола Стоіаноски 20:12, 27 јануари 2017 (CET)
        • BTW, is it true that they call Azeri as Turki?--Никола Стоіаноски 20:14, 27 јануари 2017 (CET)
          • Not quite. The table is a lot less precise. On a vowel trapezium, the black dots positioned next to the IPA symbols indicate as precisely as possible the articulation of the vowels. The table just gives you a general idea thereof.
          • Azeri is sometimes said to be a dialect of Turkish, yes. Mr KEBAB (разговор) 20:26, 27 јануари 2017 (CET)