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Usage[уреди извор]

This template is intended to be used to create other templates for standardized crater data infoboxes for various solar system bodies.

Its parameters are:

  • titlecolor - background color for the title bar
  • title - defaults to "Crater characteristics"
  • image - an optional image
  • caption - an optional caption for the image
  • region - an optional freeform row where one may indicate a region the crater is in (eg, Mare Imbrium, Shakespeare quadrangle, etc)
  • coordinate_title - the header for the geographic coordinates entry, defaults to [[Geographic coordinate system|Coordinates]]. The next four parameters are used to define the geographic location:
  • latitude
  • N_or_S
  • longitude
  • E_or_W
  • coordinates_footnotes - text to appear after the coordinates, typically a <ref> tag
  • globe - the planet, dwarf planet, or natural satellite which the crater is located on. Also informs the "coord" template which page of external map links to use. Should be capitalized and not wikilinked (for example, Mars not mars nor [[Mars]]).
  • globe_type - optional, type of body the crater is located on. May be wikilinked. Defaults to [[Planet]].
  • diameter - diameter of the crater, generally in kilometers
  • depth - optional, depth of crater
  • discoverer - optional, name of the person or probe that discovered the crater
  • eponym - optional, for whom or what the crater has been named

Here's an example usage of the template with various pass-through parameters defined:

|titlecolor =
|image = {{{image|}}}
|caption= {{{caption|}}}
|latitude = {{{latitude}}}
|N_or_S = {{{N_or_S}}}
|longitude = {{{longitude}}}
|E_or_W = {{{E_or_W}}}
|coordinates_footnotes = {{{coordinates_footnotes|}}}
|globe = Марс
|globe_type = [[Планета]]
|diameter = {{{diameter|}}}
|depth = {{{depth|}}}
|eponym ={{{eponym|}}}

Зависни[уреди извор]

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