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Macedonian folk costumes[уреди извор]

Hello! How can I contact you? Can you write me your email? I am interested in Macedonian folklore and costumes. Unfortunately, I noticed that many of your posts and photos have been deleted. For example, all photos from the Museum of Macedonia. Why? Can you write me your email? I would be happy to exchange information. I also have some materials (books, photos) about Macedonian costumes. Please write me. Greetings! Marpet1309 (разговор) 08:10, 2 ноември 2023 (CET)[одговори]

Hi! I appreciate ur shared interest and would welcome new material, descriptions and/or images likewise. The many deleted posts are as a result of them all being tagged underneath another one for copyright issues (essentially they might not be public domain, so they were deleted, although a few i've managed to bring back)
my email's bigoogaboogamf@gmail.com btw if you wish to talk there :D Big ooga booga mf (разговор) 01:25, 3 ноември 2023 (CET)[одговори]
also sorry for replying this late, i only just saw your message Big ooga booga mf (разговор) 01:26, 3 ноември 2023 (CET)[одговори]
Thanks for answer! I sent you an email... Marpet1309 (разговор) 11:38, 3 ноември 2023 (CET)[одговори]