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{{country data {{{2}}}|простознаме/јадро|variant=|size=}} [[{{{2}}}]]

Икона за документација Документација за предлошка

Use {{flag+link}} to produce output such as


i.e. an icon-sized flag representing something like a country/region/place/organization/etc followed by a link, labelled using that country/region/etc's name, to an article on some aspect of that country/region/etc.

Syntax and parameters

{{flag+link |string |name}}

...where name is something represented by a flag and the combination of string followed by name is the name of an article. The example above, for instance, was produced by:

{{flag+link|Agriculture in|India}}

If no article exists with the name formed by the combination of string and name, the link will default to [[name]]. {{flag+link|Blah of|Albania}}, for instance, produces Albania with "Albania" as a link to Albania because Blah of Albania does not exist.

To specify a width for the icon and/or a particular variant/version of the flag, set the parameters |flagsize= and/or |flagvariant= in the same manner as {{знамеикона}}'s size and variant parameters. (See {{знамеикона}}'s documentation for more details.)

Example use

For examples of this template's use in articles, see the tables here or here (leftmost columns).