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== Целосна листа ==
Hello, can you translate this list into macedonian? I mean to made your own list, like in [[:ru:Википедия:Список Википедий]] or [[:cu:Википє́дїꙗ:Ката́логъ]] it will be very needed to see different languages and links on them. Благодарам [[User:Tat1642|Tat1642]] <small>([[User talk:Tat1642|разговор]])</small> 09:21, 27 март 2009 (UTC)
* Look what i find, you have such list [[Википедија:Листа на Википедии]], i remember that i saw it onece, but i didn't found it in your main page, so i was confused. You can put this link into main page? [[User:Tat1642|Tat1642]] <small>([[User talk:Tat1642|разговор]])</small> 09:34, 27 март 2009 (UTC)