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:::I'm sorry about ist form. It' mail, because when the user Macedon ian Boy asked for permission, he did it by sending mail to the author of the images and the whole website. If you don'tb believe try to translate it on language that you understand. I think, at the end this will finish, and we'll start cooperating. Regards.--[[User:Kiril Simeonovski|Kiril Simeonovski]] <small>([[User talk:Kiril Simeonovski|разговор]])</small> 20:27, 31 октомври 2008 (UTC)
::::{{Ok}}It's cleared. Sorry about the all problems in the discussion. Fisrt theese non-free images were licensed as free. Nobody knows it. Then, I must check up the infomation from user MB who is responisble for the upload of the images. And, then i saw that the permission is accorded to be just for Wikipedia. Not for all users on Internet. I'm really sorry that I've made a lot of critics against you, before checcking up theese information. The images seemed like to be correctly uploaded. But nobody haven't seen it. For this, I want to thank you and I think you'll help us in other ways.
[[Image:Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar.png|рамка|десно|As a apologize, please receive this small award]]
As a award I want to givve you ''The random acts of kindness barnstar''.
Regards. --[[User:Kiril Simeonovski|Kiril Simeonovski]] <small>([[User talk:Kiril Simeonovski|разговор]])</small> 03:37, 1 ноември 2008 (UTC)