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Разговор со корисник:Future Perfect at Sunrise: Разлика помеѓу преработките

:::Hello man. I'm really sorry about blocking threat. I was so nervos, because of this discuss and I got really rude. I can unprotect the article if you want, but tell me why you didn't tell how to transform the article in to right order, which doesn't lead to deletion of the article? The article isn't copied from the external link at all. Maybe the text is same, but somethintg is changed. About the images. I haven't worked on wikipedia commons. If they were there, why you ddn't delete them? And about the neutral point of view, i have already told you, that it isn't use for Macedonia. It was claimed by two high level educated proffesors and it was writtemn on the Rossete stone?
And please, if you want to discuss about this theme talk with another admin or all admins on mk.wiki, or talk with MacedonianBoy, the editor of this article. I can help you, but I'm not alone on mk.wiki. I must work commonly wirth other editors on mk.wiki. I can't alone delete theese images and the article. Therefor, activate another for this dissucssion. Regards.
:::Right. I checked up this with the images. You guess, but it's not like it is written. First theese images doesn't depend on [[ВП:КББ|theese criterias]]. Second, how did you know that theese images depend on theese criteria and must be deleted as soon as possible, when you say that you don't speak macedonian? Third and finally, the article Старомакедонска азбука doesn't depend on the criterias of [[ВП:КББ]]. This is the explaination at last. You've found it. And the criterias on [[ВП:КББ]] are standard wiki criterias. If you suspect it, write it on the discuss page, or explain why you do you think it. i think you're not right. You don't speak macvedonian and you can't judge what should have be done, even you have translated the articles in to your native language.--[[User:Kiril Simeonovski|Kiril Simeonovski]] <small>([[User talk:Kiril Simeonovski|разговор]])</small> 18:37, 31 октомври 2008 (UTC)