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== Региони ==
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{{France Regions Labelled Map}}
! Име
! Француско име
! Месно име
! Седиште
! [[INSEE]]-бр.<ref>{{нмс|title=La nouvelle nomenclature des codes régions|url=http://www.insee.fr/fr/methodes/default.asp?page=nomenclatures/cog/codes_regions_2016.htm|publisher=[[INSEE]]|language=French|accessdate=17 January 2016}}</ref>
! [[Placename etymology|Derivation or etymology]]
! [[President of the Regional Council (France)|President]]
|[[Голем Исток]]
|[[:fr:Grand Est|Grand Est]]
| {{lang-de|Großer Osten}}
| [[Стразбур]]
|align=center| 44
| The name translates to "Great East," encompassing the three northeastern former regions of [[Alsace]], [[Champagne-Ardenne]], and [[Lorraine]], themselves inspired by former [[Provinces of France|French provinces]] disbanded in 1790
| [[Philippe Richert]] ([[The Republicans (France)|LR]])
| [[Нова Аквитанија]]
| [[:fr:Nouvelle-Aquitaine|Nouvelle-Aquitaine]]
| {{lang-oc|Nòva Aquitània / Nava Aquitània / Novela Aquitània}}<br/>{{lang-eu|Akitania Berria}}<br/>
| [[Бордо]]
|align=center| 75
| Reflects an expanded, or "new," [[Aquitaine]] region, which merged with the regions of [[Limousin]] and [[Poitou-Charentes]]; [[Duchy of Aquitaine|Aquitaine]] (later known as [[Guyenne]]), [[History of Limousin|Limousin]], and [[Poitou]] were historic [[Provinces of France|French provinces]] abolished in 1790
| [[Alain Rousset]] ([[Socialist Party (France)|PS]])
| [[Оверњ-Рона-Алпи]]
| [[:fr:Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes|Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes]]
| {{lang-oc|Auvèrnhe-Ròse-Aups}}<br/> {{lang-frp|Ôvèrgne-Rôno-Arpes}}
| [[Лион]]
|align=center| 84
| This region is a merger of the former regions of [[Auvergne]] and [[Rhône-Alpes]]; these were named, respectively, after the historic [[Auvergne (province)|province]] of [[History of Auvergne|Auvergne]] abolished in 1790 and after the former region's position along the [[Rhône]] river and in the [[Alps]]
| [[Laurent Wauquiez]] ([[The Republicans (France)|LR]])
| [[Бургундија-Франш-Конте]]
| [[:fr:Bourgogne-Franche-Comté|Bourgogne-Franche-Comté]]
| {{lang-frp|Borgogne-Franche-Comtât}}
| [[Дижон]]
|align=center| 27
| The region is a merger of the former regions of [[Burgundy]] and [[Franche-Comté]]; these regions were themselves based on [[Provinces of France|French provinces]] abolished in 1790
| [[Marie-Guite Dufay]] ([[Socialist Party (France)|PS]])
| [[Бретања]]
| [[:fr:Région Bretagne|Bretagne]]
| {{lang-br|Breizh}}<br/>[[Gallo language|Gallo]]: ''Bertaèyn''
| [[Rennes]]
|align=center| 53
| The region covers 80% of the former province of [[Brittany]], abolished 1790
| {{nowrap|[[Jean-Yves Le Drian]] ([[Socialist Party (France)|PS]])}}
| [[Центар-Лоарска Долина]]
| [[:fr:Centre-Val de Loire|Centre-Val de Loire]]
| [[Орлеан]]
|align=center| 24
| Translating to "Centre–Loire Valley," the region's name has no historic basis, but is geographically located in [[Geography of France|north-central France]] and straddles the middle of the [[Loire Valley]]
| [[François Bonneau]] ([[Socialist Party (France)|PS]])
| [[Ил де Франс]]
| [[:fr:Île-de-France|Île-de-France]]
| [[Париз]]
|align=center| 11
| The modern region encompasses much of the former province of [[History of Île-de-France|Île-de-France]], abolished 1790
| [[Valérie Pécresse]] ([[The Republicans (France)|LR]])
| [[Окситанија]]
| [[:fr:Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées|Occitanie]]
| {{lang-oc|Occitània}}<br/>{{lang-ca|Occitània}}
| [[Тулуза]]
|align=center| 76
| Encompasses much of the southern areas of France where [[Occitan language|Occitan]], or [[langue d'oc]], dialects are spoken; is a merger of the [[Languedoc-Roussillon]] and [[Midi-Pyrénées]] regions. [[Languedoc]] and [[Roussillon]] were historic provinces abolished in 1790; the [[Southern France|Midi]] refers to southern France, and [[Pyrenees|Pyrénées]] to the region's position in this mountain range
| [[Carole Delga]] ([[Socialist Party (France)|PS]])
| [[Горна Франција]]
| [[:fr:Hauts-de-France|Hauts-de-France]]
| [[Лил]]
|align=center| 32
| Occupying the northern tip of the country, this region's name translates to "Upper France". It is a merger of the former regions of [[Nord-Pas-de-Calais]] and [[Picardy]], which recalled a province of France abolished in 1790
| [[Xavier Bertrand]] ([[The Republicans (France)|LR]])
| [[Нормандија]]
| [[:fr:Normandie (région administrative)|Normandie]]
| [[Norman language|Norman]]: ''Normaundie''
| [[Руан]]
|align=center| 28
| The region is largely coterminous with the former province of [[Duchy of Normandy|Normandy]], abolished 1790; it is a merger of the former regions of [[Upper Normandy]] and [[Lower Normandy]]
| [[Hervé Morin]] ([[Union of Democrats and Independents|UDI]])
| [[Лоарски Крај]]
| [[:fr:Pays de la Loire|Pays de la Loire]]
| {{lang-br|Broioù al Liger}}
| [[Нант]]
|align=center| 52
| The name translates to "Land(s) of the Loire," as the [[Loire]] river is the major waterway in the area; the region has no historic basis, but was created as a zone of influence for the city of [[Nantes]]
| [[Bruno Retailleau]] ([[The Republicans (France)|LR]])
| [[Прованса-Алпи-Азурен Брег]]
| [[:fr:Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur|Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur]]
|style="white-space:nowrap;"| [[Provençal dialect|Provençal]]: ''Provença-Aups-Còsta d'Azur''<br>(''Prouvènço-Aup-Costo d'Azur'')
| [[Марсеј]]
|align=center| 93
| Consists of the former province of [[Provence]] as well as some adjacent territories in the [[French Alps]] and along the [[French Riviera]] (''Côte d'Azur'')
| [[Christian Estrosi]] ([[The Republicans (France)|LR]])
| [[Корзика]]
| [[:fr:Corse|Corse]]
| {{lang-co|Corsica}}
| [[Ајачо]]
|align=center| 94
| The region is composed entirely of the island of [[Corsica]], a French територијална заедница
| [[Gilles Simeoni]] ([[Inseme per a Corsica]])
|colspan="8" bgcolor="#C0C0C0"| ''Следниве [[прекуморски департман]]и воедно се и [[прекуморски регион]]и.''
| [[Француска Гвајана]]
| ''[[:fr:Guyane|Guyane]]''
| [[Кајена]]
|align=center| 03
| [[Overseas region]]
| [[Rodolphe Alexandre]] ([[Guianese Socialist Party|PSG]])
| [[Гваделуп]]
| [[:fr:Guadeloupe|Guadeloupe]]
| [[Antillean Creole]]: ''Gwadloup''
| [[Бас Тер]]
|align=center| 01
| [[Overseas region]]
| [[Ary Chalus]] ([[United Guadeloupe, Socialism and Realities|GUSR]])
| [[Мартиник]]
| [[:fr:Martinique|Martinique]]
| [[Antillean Creole]]: ''Matinik''
| [[Фор де Франс]]
|align=center| 02
| [[Overseas region]]
| [[Alfred Marie-Jeanne]] ([[Martinican Independence Movement|MIM]])
| [[Мајот]]
| [[:fr:Mayotte|Mayotte]]
| [[Shimaore dialect|Shimaore]]: ''Maore''<br/>[[Malagasy language|Malagasy]]: ''Mahori''
| [[Мамуѕу]]
|align=center| 05
| [[Overseas region]]
| [[Daniel Zaïdani]] ([[Miscellaneous Left|DVG]])
| [[Реинион]]
| [[:fr:La Réunion|La Réunion]]
| [[Reunion Creole]]: ''La Rényon''
| [[Сен Дени (Реинион)|Сен Дени]]
|align=center| 04
| [[Overseas region]]
| [[Didier Robert]] ([[The Republicans (France)|LR]])
== Поврзано ==