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Додадени 24 бајти ,  пред 10 години
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(Создадена страница со: {{Infobox Former Country |native_name = ''Magyar Királyság'' |conventional_long_name = Кралство Унгарија |common_name = Унгарија |...)
|stat_pop5 = 14679573
|currency = [[Унгарска форинта|Форинти]] (1325),<br /> [[Талер]]<br />[[Австриски флорин|флорини]] (1754-1867),<br /> [[Австро-Унгарска круна|Круна]] (1892–1918),<br /> [[Унгарска круна]] (1919–1926),<br />
|footnotes = PopulationИзвор sourceза население:<ref name="carth">''Historical World Atlas. With the commendation of the [[Royal Geographical Society]].'' Carthographia, [[Budapest]], [[Hungary]], 2005. ISBN 963-352-002-9CM</ref> aboutза religionрелигија<ref name=religion>The majority of Hungarian people became Christian in the 10th century. Hungary's first [[King of Hungary|king]], [[Stephen I of Hungary|Saint Stephen I]], took up [[Western Christianity]]. Hungary remained Catholic until the 16th century, when the [[Protestant Reformation|Reformation]] took place and, as a result, first [[Lutheranism]], then soon afterwards [[Calvinism]] started to spread.</ref>