Разговор со корисник:Spiritia

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Добре дојде!

Здраво, Spiritia, и добре дојде на Википедија! Благодарам за Вашите придонеси. Се надевам дека Ви се допадна проектов и дека одлучивте да останете. Еве неколку страници кои можеби ќе Ви се најдат како корисни:

Се надевам дека ќе уживате во уредувањето овде и во тоа што сте Википедијанец! Ве молам потпишувајте ги Вашите пораки на разговорните страници со внесување на четири тилди (~~~~); ова автоматски ќе го внесе Вашето корисничко име и датумот. Ако Ви треба помош, видете ја страницата Википедија:Прашања, прашајте ме мене на мојата страница за разговор, или поставете го прашањето на оваа страница, а потоа ставете {{помош}} пред прашањето. Уште еднаш, добре дојде!--brest 19:18, 14 јули 2007 (UTC)

Моля, използвайте bg:User talk:Spiritia.


Hello! Such case was with the article Македонски Език on the BG Wiki. First of all, I tried to correct some information in order to get real neutrality. I deleted the comparison between the Macedonian language and Luxembourgian language and with Norwegian language (but of course I was reverted by Miko and Laveol because it was against the BG policy). Secondly, I corrected some false statements such as the MK ПРАВОПИС is Serbian, our linguists are Serbian and such nonsenses that are not acceptable for one encyclopaedia (and again of course I was reverted by three guys now). When I tried to put fact tags, the attack over me, my nation and my language began on the talk page (by the same guys). When they mentioned FYROM and that my language is BG and I am actually BG according them I could not stay calm and started to use similar words. Also, I gave reasons to put POV tag, but those same guys did not want to hear about it (again I was reverted). And now the article is same, full with BG propaganda and in the article there is no encyclopaedic content. Each word there is BG propaganda against the Macedonian existence. Here is the small indirect threat that I will be soon blocked. I put fact tags and deleted the езиковна норма and the sentence where says that the MK language is Bg. Soon I was reverted and I asked him to change the article again but he said that. There is no need to block that guys on the BG Wiki, but I expect from you te react and to stop that awful propaganda on your Wiki. We are very dissaponted and such atack against the Macedonian existence is disgusting. Regards --MacedonianBoy 22:57, 19 август 2008 (UTC)

You can see the talk page and you can realise in what kind of situation we are. The BG users here can upload pictures and make articles, but we cannot even change one word. Regards --MacedonianBoy 22:59, 19 август 2008 (UTC)

Well, I guess you well know that the accusations of propaganda go both ways, it's never a one-way road. ;-) The more people are chanting of others' alleged propaganda and assume bad faith, the less possible it is to reach any consensus. Hand on heart, seeing a recent edit of yours edit of yours related to an issue which I dared to commented twice, I dont really think that you are in position to make general assessments on the neutrality of various wikis. In a perfect world, the only difference between the various local wikipedias should be the language; content itself should be the same, delivering only one "point of view" - the neutral one. Seeking of neutrality, being descriptive rather than interpretative, citing sources, citing reliable sources... this is how Wikipedia works. And not by means of threats of blocking, and personal attacks, and accusation of propaganda. By the way, I really wrote a note to Laveol requesting not to repeat any threats, even implicit ones. And I do expect from you not to troll and make personal attacks by yourself. Thank you.
About making articles and uploading pictures. There are no technical restrictions on BG WP over creation or edition of articles, even by IPs. But already one month there is a restriction to all users, except admins, to upload images. Following the Resolution of WMF on non-free content, we had a community decision against fair use and non-free content, and now all local uploads of free content are now outsourced to Wikimedia Commons. So, not only you but practically no one on BG WP is able to upload pictures. By the way, if your wiki has not prepared so far an Exemption doctrine policy about the fair use content, as WMF requires, you are obliged to delete it.
I think that we cleared it all. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. :-) Spiritia 08:42, 20 август 2008 (UTC)
The wiki policy is not a problem. The problem is when we edit single sentence or or word we are reverted without reasons. And that the bg users always say ask your grandmother and gradfather and etc. Regards--MacedonianBoy 09:12, 20 август 2008 (UTC)