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Categories etc.[уреди извор]

I explained the user very thoroughly about how categorising works and how to do interwikis for categories, with suitable examples to look at. From now on there shouldn't be any problem. I will also post a very visible message to all users, telling them that it is essential to start doing the interwiki when making categories. I believe we are the only ones in the wiki-community that slack on that. I am weary of doing interwikis for all categories I come across, only one person can't possibly do that. Without it though, even bots can't help if the mk interwiki can't be found on at least one of the Wikipedias. (please correct me if I am mistaken in this). Thanks for bringing this to my attention. --Б. Јанкулоскиразговор 20:55, 8 јануари 2009 (UTC)

Interwiki for categories[уреди извор]

I told the users that they need to do add interwiki to categories and so far I have positive feedback. Thank you for reminding me about this issue, I actually wanted to start a mini 'campaign' about that. I see everyone is doing it, but not we here. Very strange. Nonetheless, I will be posting announcements and writing (or translating) instructions, so that we make sure that users get into the habit of adding interwiki to their categories as a matter of course. --Б. Јанкулоскиразговор 02:16, 7 март 2009 (UTC)