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Week of Women in Science and Education[уреди извор]

The week starting on 2 May is a special thematic Week of Women in Science and Education, which promotes the creation of articles about notable women from the CEE region, who contributed strongly to science and education in the region. CEE Spring 2016 participants who will add the most words to articles related to this topic will win interesting prizes. The participants will be ranked by highest number of words written, whereby only newly created articles with at least 300 words will be taken into consideration. You can find the rules here. Please join the challenge and inform your community about it! --Лорд Бъмбъри (разговор) 23:26, 30 април 2016 (CEST)[одговори]

Prizes[уреди извор]

Hello! The international organisers need information about

  • how much of the up to 400 Euro for your community you are willing to pay for prizes,
  • what the prizes will be,
  • how the prizes will be bought, and
  • how you will be reimbursed, if needed.

Please abide by the Rules on international level.

The easiest way to buy the prizes and have no reimbursement process is to give one of those of us taking care of the prizes (User:Лорд Бъмбъри, User:Magalia, User:Ата) a link to a web shop. That way we will be able to purchase the prizes and either have them delivered to the winners, to the local organiser, or left in the store to be picked up by someone.

The second easiest way to buy the prizes is that the local organiser buys them with their own money, scans the invoice and sends it to us together with their bank account number. They will get their reimbursement in two weeks after the submission of the receipt.

In this case there are two possibilities: the better one would be if the invoice for the goods is issued to Wikimedia Polska:

Stowarzyszenie Wikimedia Polska
ul. Tuwima 95, pok. 15
90-031 Łódź, Polska

If this is not possible we would need any proof of purchase and confirmation from recipient that she or he received the goods.

Further models are possible, but have to be discussed bilateral with the international organisers. --Лорд Бъмбъри (разговор) 11:21, 27 мај 2016 (CEST)[одговори]

Prizes buying process[уреди извор]


I’m writing to you on behalf of Wikimedia Poland to inform you about the reimbursement process regarding CEE Spring 2016.

According to the international rules:

  • step 1 Local organizers buy the prizes themselves with their own money and acquire an invoice issued to Wikimedia Polska (Stowarzyszenie Wikimedia Polska ul. Tuwima 95, pok. 15 90-031 Łódź Polska)
  • step 2 local organizers send scan of the invoice to one of the international organizers (natalia.szafran@wikimedia.pl or nikola.kalchev@gmail.com) along with a protocol of the process of selection of winners and with a calculation of overall costs. The protocol must include actual names of the winners (the names will not be made public, they will be kept only in documents of Wikimedia Polska). The e-mail should also include data needed to make a bank transfer (bank account number and name of the account owner)
  • step 3 Wikimedia Poland will reimburse the money within two weeks after receiving all the documents needed

This way of buying the prizes is strongly advised. In case it is impossible the prizes can be bought by Wikimedia Polska from the suggested online shop. In this case you need to send to one of the international organizers (natalia.szafran@wikimedia.pl or nikola.kalchev@gmail.com) an email with links to the prizes in an online shop, a protocol of the proces of selection of winners (containing their actual names and usernames). After the purchase is done Wikimedia Polska needs to get an email containing some kind of proof that the prizes have reached the winners (postage waybill scan for instance or a scan of a declartion that the prize has been handed over, the declaration must be signed by the winner).

Please keep in mind that whenever possible local coordinators should buy the prizes themselves. Wikimedia Polska will buy them only in those cases when it is absolutely necessary. All documents must be sent to Wikimedia Poland by the end of June.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Me and Nikola will be happy to guide you through the process and make it as easy as possible. And thank you for being a part of CEE Spring and organizing this awesome project in your community. Magalia (разговор) 15:33, 9 јуни 2016 (CEST)[одговори]

CEE Spring 2016 Survey[уреди извор]

Logo CEE-t.png

Hi, dear CEE Spring 2016 organisers! I am sorry for writing in English again.

The international organisers of the contest ask all the participants to complete the survey about the contest. It is very short. It gives us a bit of statistics and helps make the next contest better.

We will use MassMessage to give the survey link to all the participants. Obviously, not all of them speak English, so please, help us with translating this request and encourage them to complete the survey.

Best regards,
-- Ата via MassMessage 20:54, 26 август 2016 (CEST)[одговори]