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Икона за документација Документација за предлошка[преглед] [уреди] [историја] [превчитај]

This is the {{caution}} message box.

When used in articles this message box should only be used for when something is seriously wrong and there isn't a more specific template to use. Less important comments should as usual be put as text on the article's talk page instead.

This message box can also be used on other pages, such as on the top of talk pages or project pages.

This box automatically looks different depending on what kind of page it is shown on.

Usage and looks

Here is a code example:

{{caution|Include text here.}}

This is how this box looks on article (main space) pages:

This is how this box looks on any talk page. That is, pages that start with "Talk:", "User talk:", "Image talk:" and so on:

This is how this box looks on all other pages, such as pages that start with "User:", "Image:", "Wikipedia:" and so on:

The box can also take an image parameter. Like this:

{{caution|image=Stop hand nuvola.svg|Include text here.}}

Which on this page renders like this:

Note that changing the image is discouraged when the box is used in articles.


There are other message templates, which serve similar purposes:

  • {{consensus}} - For topics based around reaching consensus.
  • {{notice}} - For important comments.
  • {{warning}} - For important warnings.
  • {{ambox}} - Article message boxes of any type. There is comprehensive information in its documentation about the different options for article message boxes.