Прејди на содржината


Од Википедија — слободната енциклопедија
Икона за документација Документација за предлошка[преглед] [уреди] [историја] [превчитај]
Оваа предложна документација е превметната од Предлошка:Поправи/doc [уреди]

Користење[уреди извор]

Please do not use this template to create a new inline template without discussing and justifying the need for it at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Inline Templates, or the new template is likely to end up at Wikipedia:Templates for deletion.

|link = <Page which text should link to, without brackets> (default = Wikipedia:Cleanup)
|text = <Text to be displayed for the link>
|pre-text = <Optional text to print before the linked text>
|post-text = <Optional text to print after the linked text>
|class = <Class to set text to> (default = "noprint Inline-Template"; neither should be removed,
but additional classes can be added, e.g. "noprint Inline-Template FooBarBazQuux")
|title = <Tooltip text to display when mouse is hovered over link>
|special = <Optional replacement for text, link, title, pre-text, and post-text - 
allowing user to define a non-standard format>
|date = <Optional date parameter to be displayed at end of 'title' and/or in cat-date>
|cat = <Category to include page in>
|cat-date = <Category to include page in - with optional date parameter in the category name>}}

Categories are ignored if the template is used on a talk page or on any other non-article page.

The value specified via |cat= must be in wikicode, including square brackets. It defaults to |cat=[[Категорија:All pages needing cleanup]].

The value specified via |cat-date= is used as part of a category name. It must be specified without square brackets, but with a "Category:" prefix. The full category name is obtained from the cat-date value, the word "since" (or the word "from", if the otherwise undocumented "from=" parameter is specified), and the date value. For example, given |cat-date=Category:Articles with dead links|date=2024, the article will be placed in Category:Articles with dead links since 2024.

Намена[уреди извор]

Most inline notices use virtually identical formats. This template is designed to provide a single standardized format which can accommodate the different text, links, and categories of individual templates.

For example, [not specific enough to  verify], can be produced with:

|pre-text=not specific enough to&nbsp;
|title=The material in the vicinity of this tag may lack enough specific information to be verifiable
|cat=[[Категорија:Wikipedia articles needing factual verification]]}}

This methodology allows new inline templates to be created by just filling in the parameters above. This also allows consistent formatting, features, and syntax across the range of templates.