Предлошка:Кошаркарски дрес дома и гости

Од Википедија — слободната енциклопедија
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Дома jersey
Team colours
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Гости jersey
Team colours
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Алтернативен jersey
Team colours

This template is meant for use within infobox templates of multiple basketball kits/uniforms. At this time, it accepts home and away (i.e. light and dark) and an optional alternate uniform. A blank example follows:

{{Basketball kit home and away
| h_body=
| h_pattern_b=
| h_shorts=
| h_pattern_s=
| h_title=
| a_body=
| a_pattern_b=
| a_shorts=
| a_pattern_s=
| a_title=
| 3_body=
| 3_pattern_b=
| 3_shorts=
| 3_pattern_s=
| 3_title=