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Предлошка:Инфокутија Манастир

Координати: 54°15′32.57″N 1°6′55.20″W / 54.2590472° СГШ; 1.1153333° ЗГД / 54.2590472; -1.1153333
Од Википедија — слободната енциклопедија
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Икона за документација Документација за предлошка[преглед] [уреди] [историја] [превчитај]

This template is used to present a consistently-formatted table of summary information for use in articles about monasteries, priories and nunneries. Please do not make major changes to this infobox without proposing and discussing it on the talk page first.

Usage[уреди извор]

Parameters Brief instructions

{{Infobox monastery

| name           =

| image          =

| alt            =

| caption        =

| full           =

| other_names    =

| order          =

| established    =

| disestablished =

| mother         =

| dedication     =

| diocese        =

| churches       =

| founder        =

| abbot          =

| prior          =

| people         =

| location       =

| coord          =

| oscoor         =

| remains        =

| public_access  =

| other_info     =


Monastery name (COMPULSORY)

Image of the monastery

Alternative text for the image

Caption for the image

Full name or dedication of the monastery

Any alternate names by which the monastery is known

The order of monks or nuns which the monastery housed (COMPULSORY)

Date of establishment (COMPULSORY)

Date of suppression

Name of the mother house

The full name or dedication of the monastery

The diocese to which the monastery belongs or belonged

Churches controlled by the monastery

Name of the founder

Present Abbot

Present Prior

Important people associated with the monastery

Location, given as: village, county, country

Geographic coordinates

Grid reference according to the British national grid reference system

What remains are still visible on the site

Whether or not there is public access to the site

Other relevant information

  • Parameters not marked as compulsory can be safely left blank. Note that you may include an image with no caption, but a caption will not be shown if there is no image.
  • Wiki links are fine in any of the Infobox fields.
  • Include the HTML comments before and following the template; they help inexperienced editors.

Example[уреди извор]

{{Infobox monastery

| name           = Example Abbey

| image          = Mount Grace Priory.jpg

| caption        = Example Abbey from the south

| full           = [[The Abbey of Example]]

| other_names    = Old Abbey; St Samples

| order          = [[Exemplary]]

| established    = 1302

| disestablished = 1539

| mother         = [[Another Abbey]]

| diocese        = [[Diocese of York|York]]

| churches       = [[St Sample]], [[Exampleton]]

| founder        = [[Walter Plinge]], Earl of Example

| dedication     = House of the Blessed Sample

| people         = [[Joe Blogs]], [[John Doe]]

| location       = [[Village]], [[County]], [[Country]]

| coord          = {{coord|54|15|32.57|N|1|6|55.20|W|display=inline,title|type:landmark_region:GB}}

| oscoor         = {{gbmappingsmall|SE449985}}

| remains        = church, cloister, inner court and earthworks

| public_access  = yes

| other_info     = ([[English Heritage]])


Example Abbey
Example Abbey from the south
Целосно имеThe Abbey of Example
Други имињаOld Abbey; St Samples
Манастир на:Exemplary
Матична цркваAnother Abbey
Посветен наHouse of the Blessed Sample
ЦрквиSt Sample, Exampleton
Основач (и)Walter Plinge, Earl of Example
Важни личностиJoe Blogs, John Doe
МестоVillage, County, Country
Координати54°15′32.57″N 1°6′55.20″W / 54.2590472° СГШ; 1.1153333° ЗГД / 54.2590472; -1.1153333
Grid ReferenceSE449985
Видливи остатоциchurch, cloister, inner court and earthworks
Отворен за јавностаyes
Други информации(English Heritage)