Предлошка:Инфокутија Држава

Од Википедија — слободната енциклопедија

Оваа високоризична предлошка е заштитена од уредување со цел да се спречи вандализам. (дневник на заштувања). Ве молиме дискутирајте ги измените во страницата за разговор или барајте отстранување на заштитата. Можете да користите {{editprotected}} на страницата за разговор за да побарате од администарторот да изврши уредување наместо вас.

Икона за документација Документација за предлошка[преглед] [уреди] [историја] [превчитај]

Оваа инфокутија се користи за појаснување на статии од следниве два вида: Држава/територија или Географско политичка организација. Синтаксичкиот формат на параметри и примери е прикажан во прикажи/сокриј секциите подолу.


Параметри за држава или територија
{{Инфокутија Држава
|micronation                 = <!--yes if a micronation-->
|conventional_long_name      = <!--Formal or official full name of the country in English-->
|native_name                 = <!--Country's name (usually full name) in its native language, hence in italics (double quotemarks)-->
|common_name                 = <!--Common name in English (used for wikilinks and to produce a default iso3166 code)-->
|status                      = <!--Status of country, especially useful for micronations-->
|image_flag                  = <!--e.g. Flag of country.svg-->
|alt_flag                    = <!--alt text for flag (text shown when pointer hovers over flag)-->
|flag_border                 = <!--set to no to disable border around the flag-->
|flag_footnote               = <!--optional reference or footnote for the flag caption-->
|image_flag2                 = <!--e.g. Second-flag of country.svg-->
|alt_flag2                   = <!--alt text for second flag-->
|flag2_border                = <!--set to no to disable border around the flag-->
|image_coat                  = <!--e.g. Coat of arms of country.svg-->
|alt_coat                    = <!--alt text for coat of arms-->
|symbol_type                 = <!--emblem, seal, etc (if not a coat of arms)-->
|symbol_footnote             = <!--optional reference or footnote for the symbol caption-->
|national_motto              = <!--in inverted commas and wikilinked if link exists-->
|englishmotto                = <!--English language version of motto-->
|national_anthem             = <!--in inverted commas and wikilinked if link exists-->
|royal_anthem                = <!--in inverted commas and wikilinked if link exists-->
|other_symbol_type           = <!--Use if a further symbol exists, e.g. hymn-->
|other_symbol                = 
|image_map                   = <!--e.g. LocationCountry.svg-->
|loctext                     = <!--text description of location of country-->
|alt_map                     = <!--alt text for map-->
|map_caption                 = <!--Caption to place below map-->
|image_map2                  = <!--Another map, if required-->
|alt_map2                    = <!--alt text for second map-->
|map_caption2                = <!--Caption to place below second map-->
|capital                     = <!--Name of country/territory's capital, wikilinked if link exists-->
|capital2                    = <!--Name of country/territory's capital, wikilinked if link exists-->
|latd= | latm= | latNS= |longd= |longm= |longEW= <!--capital's latitude and longitude in degrees/minutes/direction-->
|largest_city                = <!--Name of country/territory's largest city. Use "capital" (without quotemarks) if it's the capital.-->
|largest_settlement_type     = <!--Type of settlement if largest settlement not a city-->
|largest_settlement          = <!--Name of largest settlement-->
|official_languages          = <!--Languages recognised in legislation, constitution, etc-->
|national_languages          = <!--Country/territory-wide languages recognised but not necessarily in country/territory-wide law, etc-->
|regional_languages          = <!--Languages recognised or associated with particular regions within the country/territory-->
|languages_type              = <!--Use to specify a further type of language, if not official, national or regional-->
|languages                   = <!--Languages of the further type-->
|languages_sub               = <!--Is this further type of language a sub-item of the previous non-sub type? ("yes" or "no")-->
|languages2_type             = <!--Another further type of language-->
|languages2                  = <!--Languages of this second further type-->
|languages2_sub              = <!--Is the second alternative type of languages a sub-item of the previous non-sub type? ("yes" or "no")-->
|ethnic_groups               = <!--List/breakdown of ethnic groups within the country/territory-->
|ethnic_groups_year          = <!--Year of ethnic groups data (if provided) or use to place a <ref>-->
|nationalities               = <!--List/breakdown of nationalities within the country/territory-->
|religion                    = <!--Religion-->
|demonym                     = <!--Term/s describing those associated with the country/territory (e.g. "Belgian" for the country Belgium)-->
|government_type             = <!--(often a compound multi-wikilinked term, e.g. "Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic", etc)-->
|leader_title1               = <!--(for a country, usually the head of state's (wikilinked) title, e.g. "President", "Monarch")-->
|leader_name1                = 
|leader_title2               = <!--(could be "Vice President", otherwise "Prime Minster", etc, etc)-->
|leader_name2                = 
|leader_title6               = <!--(up to six distinct leaders may be included)-->
|leader_name6                = 
|legislature                 = <!--Name of the country/territory's governing body, e.g. "Parliament", "Congress", etc-->
|upper_house                 = <!--Name of governing body's upper house, if given (e.g. "Senate")-->
|lower_house                 = <!--Name of governing body's lower house, if given (e.g. "Chamber of Deputies")-->
|sovereignty_type            = <!--Brief description of country/territory's status ("Independence [from...]", "Autonomous province [of...]", etc)-->
|sovereignty_note            = 
|established_event1          = <!--First key event in history of country/territory's status or formation-->
|established_date1           = <!--Date of first key event-->
|established_event2          = <!--Second key event-->
|established_date2           =  <!--Date of second key event-->
|established_event9          = <!--(up to nine distinct events may be included)-->
|established_date9           = 
|area_rank                   = 
|area_magnitude              = 
|area                        = <!--Major area size (in [[Template:convert]] either km2 or sqmi first)-->
|area_km2                    = <!--Major area size (in square km)-->
|area_sq_mi                  = <!--Area in square mi (requires area_km2)-->
|area_footnote               = <!--Optional footnote for area-->
|percent_water               = 
|area_label                  = <!--Label under "Area" (default is "Total")-->
|area_label2                 = <!--Label below area_label (optional)-->
|area_data2                  = <!--Text after area_label2 (optional)-->
|population_estimate         = 
|population_estimate_rank    = 
|population_estimate_year    = 
|population_census           = 
|population_census_year      = 
|population_density_km2      = 
|population_density_sq_mi    = 
|population_density_rank     = 
|nummembers                  = <!--An alternative to population for micronation-->
|GDP_PPP                     = <!--(Gross Domestic Product from Purchasing Power Parity)-->
|GDP_PPP_rank                = 
|GDP_PPP_year                = 
|GDP_PPP_per_capita          = 
|GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank     = 
|GDP_nominal                 = 
|GDP_nominal_rank            = 
|GDP_nominal_year            = 
|GDP_nominal_per_capita      = 
|GDP_nominal_per_capita_rank = 
|Gini                        = <!--(Gini measure of income inequality; input number only; valid values are between 0 and 100)-->
|Gini_ref                    = <!--(for any ref/s to associate with Gini number)-->
|Gini_rank                   = 
|Gini_year                   = 
|HDI_year                    = <!-- Please use the year to which the data refers, not the publication year-->
|HDI                         = <!--(Human Development Index; input number only; valid values are between 0 and 1)-->
|HDI_change                  = <!--increase/decrease/steady; rank change from previous year-->
|HDI_rank                    = 
|HDI_ref                     = <!--(for any ref/s to associate with HDI number)-->
|currency                    = <!--Name/s of currency/ies used in country/territory-->
|currency_code               = <!--ISO 4217 code/s for currency/ies (each usually three capital letters)-->
|time_zone                   = <!--e.g. GMT, PST, AST, etc, etc (wikilinked if possible)-->
|utc_offset                  = <!--in the form "+N", where N is number of hours offset-->
|time_zone_DST               = <!--Link to DST (Daylight Saving Time) used, otherwise leave empty-->
|utc_offset_DST              = <!--in the form "+N", where N is number of hours offset-->
|DST_note                    = <!--Optional note regarding DST use-->
|antipodes                   = <!--Place/s exactly on the opposite side of the world to country/territory-->
|date_format                 = <!--numeric dates (dd-mm-yyyy, yyyy.mm.dd, etc) plus era (CE, AD, AH, etc)-->
|drives_on                   = <!--"right" or "left" (side of road)-->
|cctld                       = <!--Internet country code top-level domain identifier (e.g. [[.br]], [[.de]], etc)
|iso3166code                 = <!--Use to override default from common_name parameter above; omit using "omit".-->
|calling_code                = <!--e.g. [[+1]], [[+531]], [[+44]], etc-->
|image_map3                  = <!--Optional third map position, e.g. for use with reference to footnotes below it-->
|alt_map3                    = <!--alt text for third map position-->
|footnote_a                  = <!--For any footnote <sup>a</sup> used above-->
|footnote_b                  = <!--For any footnote <sup>b</sup> used above-->
|footnote_h                  = <!--For any footnote <sup>h</sup> used above-->
|footnotes                   = <!--For any generic non-numbered footnotes-->
France-specific parameters
|metropole = 
|metropole_area = 
|metropole_area_rank = 
|metropole_area_magnitude = 
|metropole_areami² = 
|metropole_population = 
|metropole_population_estimate_rank = 
|foot = 
|foot2 = 
|foot3 = 
|foot4 = 
|foot5 = 
United Kingdom-specific parameters
|patron_saint = 
European Union-specific parameters
|accessionEUdate = 

* If, on a particular page, the default widths provided for the flag and coat-of-arms/symbol images produce an unsatisfactory result, use flag_width (as % or px) to specify the width to be used for the flag image; the remaining width is then assigned to the coat-of-arms/symbol (if included).

Параметри за географско-политичка организација
{{Infobox Geopolitical organization
|native_name        = <!--Long-form name in native language-->
|name               = 
|linking_name       = <!--For wikilinks, if diff from name-->
|image_flag         = <!--Flag image's filename-->
|symbol_type        = <!--Symbol, Emblem, Logo, etc.-->
|image_symbol       = <!--Symbol image's filename-->
|symbol_width       = <!--Symbol image's width (default 85px)-->
|motto              = <!--"[motto]"-->
|anthem             = <!--''[anthem name]''-->
|text_symbol_type   = <!--for other types of text symbol-->
|text_symbol        = <!--e.g. ''[hymn name]''-->
|image_map          = <!--Map image's filename-->
|map_width          = <!--Map image's width (default 250px)-->
|map_caption        = 
|org_type           = <!--e.g. Trade bloc-->
|membership_type    = <!--(default "Membership")-->
|membership         = <!--Type/s and/or number/s of members-->
|admin_center_type  = <!--e.g. "Administrative center" (default)-->
|admin_center       = <!--Location/s of administrative center/s-->
|languages_type     = <!--e.g. "[[Official language]]s" (default)-->
|languages          = 
|leader_title1      = <!--e.g. "Chair", "President", etc.-->
|leader_name1       = 
|leader_title2      = <!--e.g. "Deputy chair", etc.-->
|leader_name2       = 
|leader_title6      = 
|leader_name6       = 
|established        = <!--Usually a date, in lieu of event/s below-->
|established_event1 = 
|established_date1  = 
|established_event2 = 
|established_date2  = 
|established_event9 = 
|established_date9  = 
|official_website   = 
|area_rank          = 
|area_magnitude     = 
|area_km2           = major area size (in square km)
|area_sq_mi         = area in square mi (requires area_km2)
|percent_water      = 
|area_label         = label under "Area" (default: Total)
|area_label2        = label below area_label (optional)
|area_dabodyalign         = text after area_label2 (optional)
|population_estimate      = 
|population_estimate_rank = 
|population_estimate_year = 
|population_density_km2   = 
|population_density_sq_mi = 
|population_density_rank  = 
|GDP_PPP                  = 
|GDP_PPP_rank             = 
|GDP_PPP_year             = 
|GDP_PPP_per_capita       = 
|GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank  = 
|GDP_nominal              = 
|GDP_nominal_rank         = 
|GDP_nominal_year         = 
|GDP_nominal_per_capita   = 
|GDP_nominal_per_capita_rank = 
|Gini            = 
|Gini_year       = 
|Gini_category   = 
|HDI             = 
|HDI_rank        = 
|HDI_year        = 
|HDI_category    = 
|currency        = 
|currency_code   = 
|time_zone       = 
|utc_offset      = <!-- +N, where N is number of hours -->
|footnotes       = <!--For generic non-numbered footnotes-->
|footnote1       = 
|footnote2       = 
|footnote7       = 


Пример за држава или територија


{{Инфокутија за држава
|native_name              = {{јаз|fr|''République du Cameroun''}}
|conventional_long_name   = Република Камерун	
|common_name = Камерун
|image_flag = Flag of Cameroon.svg
|image_coat               = Coat of arms of Cameroon.svg
| symbol_type             = Emblem 
|image_map                = LocationCameroon.svg
|national_motto           = "{{јаз|fr|''Paix - Travail - Patrie''}}"{{spaces|2}}<small>([[француски јазик|
француски]])<br/>"Мир- Работа- Татковина"
|national_anthem          = <span style="line-height:1.33em;">{{јаз|fr|''[[Ô Cameroun, Berceau de nos Ancêtres]]''}}{{spaces|2}}<small>(француски)<br/>''О Камерун, Лулко на нашите предци'' </small></span>
|official_languages       = [[француски јазик|француски]], [[англиски јазик|англиски]]
|demonym                  = камерунец 
|capital                  = [[Јаунде]]
|latd=3 |latm=52 |latNS=N |longd=11 |longm=31 |longEW=E <!--Google Maps-->
|largest_city             = [[Дуала]]
|government_type          = [[Република]]
|leader_title1            = [[Претседател на Камерун|Претседател]]
|leader_name1             = [[Пол Бија]]
|leader_title2            = [[Премиер на Камерун|Премиер]]
|leader_name2             = [[Ефраин Инони]]
|area_rank                = 53-та <!--Demographic Yearbook 1.-->
|area_magnitude           =
|area_km2                     = 475,442 
|area_sq_mi                  = 183,568 <!--Do not remove per [[WP:MOSNUM]]-->
|percent_water            = 1.3 <!--CIA World Factbook-->
|population_estimate      = 17,795,000 <!--UN World Population Prospects-->
|population_estimate_rank = 58-ма       <!--UN World Population Prospects-->
|population_estimate_year = јули 2005  <!--UN World Population Prospects-->
|population_census        = 15,746,179
|population_census_year   = 2003
|population_density_km2       = 37         <!--UN World Population Prospects-->
|population_density_sq_mi    = 97      <!--Do not remove per [[WP:MOSNUM]]-->
|population_density_rank  = 167-ма      <!--UN World Population Prospects-->
|GDP_PPP                  = $41.723 милијарди<ref name=imf2>{{наведена мрежна страница|url=http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/weo/2009/01/weodata/weorept.aspx?sy=2006&ey=2009&scsm=1&ssd=1&sort=country&ds=.&br=1&c=622&s=NGDPD%2CNGDPDPC%2CPPPGDP%2CPPPPC%2CLP&grp=0&a=&pr.x=86&pr.y=14 |title=Cameroon|publisher=International Monetary Fund|accessdate=2009-04-22}}</ref>
|GDP_PPP_year             = 2008
|GDP_PPP_per_capita       = $2,152<ref name=imf2/>
|GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank  =   
|GDP_nominal              = $23.243 милијарди <ref name=imf2/>
|GDP_nominal_year         = 2008
|GDP_nominal_per_capita   = $1,199<ref name=imf2/>        
|sovereignty_type         = [[Независност]]
|sovereignty_note         = од [[Франција]] и [[Обединетото Кралство]]
|established_event1       = Датум
|established_date1        = 1 јануари 1960, 1 октомври 1961
|HDI                      = {{increase}} 0.532
|HDI_rank                 = 144-та
|HDI_year                 = 2007
|HDI_category             = <font color="#ffcc00">среден</font>
|Gini                     = 44.6
|Gini_year                = 2001
|Gini_category            = <font color="#ffcc00">среден</font>
|currency                 = [[централноафрикански франк]]
|currency_code            = XAF
|country_code             = 
|time_zone                = [[Западноафриканско време|WAT]]
|utc_offset               = +1
|time_zone_DST            = н/п
|utc_offset_DST           = +1
|drives_on                    = десно
|cctld                    = [[.cm]]
|calling_code             = 237
|footnote1                = 


Република Камерун
République du Cameroun
Знаме Emblem
Гесло"Paix - Travail - Patrie"  ( француски)
"Мир- Работа- Татковина"
ХимнаÔ Cameroun, Berceau de nos Ancêtres  (француски)
О Камерун, Лулко на нашите предци 

Местоположба на Камерун
Главен градЈаунде
3°52′N 11°31′E / 3.867° СГШ; 11.517° ИГД / 3.867; 11.517
Најголем град Дуала
Службен јазик француски, англиски
Демоним камерунец
Уредување Република
 •  Претседател Пол Бија
 •  Премиер Ефраин Инони
Независност од Франција и Обединетото Кралство 
 •  Датум 1 јануари 1960, 1 октомври 1961 
 •  Вкупна 475,442 км2 (53-та)
 •  Вода (%) 1.3
 •  проценка за јули 2005 г. 17,795,000 (58-ма)
 •  Попис 2003 15,746,179 
 •  Густина 37 жит/км2 (167-ма)
БДП (ПКМ) проценка за 2008 г.
 •  Вкупен $41.723 милијарди[1] 
 •  По жител $2,152[1] 
БДП (номинален) проценка за 2008 г.
 •  Вкупно $23.243 милијарди [1] 
 •  По жител $1,199[1] 
Џиниев коеф. (2001)44.6
ИЧР (2007) 0.532
Error: Invalid HDI value · 144-та
Валута централноафрикански франк (XAF)
Часовен појас WAT (UTC+1)
 •  (ЛСВ) н/п (UTC+1)
Се вози на десно
НДД .cm
Повик. бр. 237
Пример за географско-политичка организација


{{Infobox Geopolitical organization
|native_name                 = {{Collapsible list|title=<center>European Union<center>|<center>{{јаз|bg|''Европейски съюз''}} {{bg}}<br />{{јаз|cs|''Evropská unie''}} {{cs icon}}<br />{{јаз|da|''Den Europæiske Union''}} {{da icon}}<br />{{јаз|nl|''Europese Unie''}} {{nl icon}}<br />{{јаз|et|''Euroopa Liit''}} {{et icon}}<br />{{јаз|fi|''Euroopan unioni''}} {{fi icon}}<br />{{јаз|fr|''Union européenne''}} {{fr}}<br />{{јаз|de|''Europäische Union''}} {{de}}<br />{{јаз|el|''Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση''}} {{el icon}}<br />{{јаз|hu|''Európai Unió''}} {{hu icon}}<br />{{јаз|ga|''An tAontas Eorpach''}} {{ga icon}}<br />{{јаз|it|''Unione Europea''}} {{it}}<br />{{јаз|lv|''Eiropas Savienība''}} {{lv icon}}<br />{{јаз|lt|''Europos Sąjunga''}} {{lt icon}}<br />{{јаз|mt|''L-Unjoni Ewropea''}} {{mt icon}}<br />{{јаз|pl|''Unia Europejska''}} {{pl icon}}<br />{{јаз|pt|''União Europeia''}} {{pt icon}}<br />{{јаз|ro|''Uniunea Europeană''}} {{ro icon}}<br />{{јаз|sk|''Európska únia''}} {{sk icon}}<br />{{јаз|sl|''Evropska unija''}} {{sl icon}}<br />{{јаз|es|''Unión Europea''}} {{es}}<br />{{јаз|sv|''Europeiska unionen''}} {{sv icon}}</center>}}
|linking_name       = the European Union
|image_flag         = Flag of Europe.svg
|image_coat         = <!--Non-free image removed: French European Union presidency 2008.svg-->
|symbol_width       = 95px
|symbol_type        = Presidency insignia
|motto              = [[European symbols#Motto|United in diversity]]<ref name="EU-Symbols">{{Наведена мрежна страница| title = Symbols of the EU| url = http://europa.eu/abc/symbols/index_en.htm| publisher=[[Europa (web portal)|Europa]]| accessdate = 2008-01-09}}</ref>
|anthem = ''[[Anthem of Europe|Ode to Joy]]''<ref name="EU-Symbols"/>{{spaces|1}}<small>(orchestral)</small>  
|linking_name       = the European Union
|image_map          = Global European Union.svg
|map_caption        = 
|map_width          = 220px
|admin_center_type  = [[Location of European Union institutions|Political centres]]
|admin_center       = [[Brussels]]<br /> [[Strasbourg]]<br /> [[Luxembourg (city)|Luxembourg]]<br />
|largest_metropolitan_area = [[London]]
|languages_type     = [[Official language]]s
|languages          = {{Collapsible list |title=[[Languages of the European Union|23]] |[[Bulgarian language|Bulgarian]] |[[Czech language|Czech]] |[[Danish language|Danish]] |[[Dutch language|Dutch]] |[[English language|English]] |[[Estonian language|Estonian]] |[[Finnish language|Finnish]] |[[French language|French]] |[[German language|German]] |[[Greek language|Greek]] |[[Hungarian language|Hungarian]] |[[Irish language|Irish]] |[[Italian language|Italian]] |[[Latvian language|Latvian]] |[[Lithuanian language|Lithuanian]] |[[Maltese language|Maltese]] |[[Polish language|Polish]] |[[Portuguese language|Portuguese]] |[[Romanian language|Romanian]] |[[Slovak language|Slovak]] |[[Slovene language|Slovenian]] |[[Spanish language|Spanish]] |[[Swedish language|Swedish]]}}
|membership_type    = [[Member State of the European Union|Member States]]
|membership         = {{Collapsible list |title=[[List of European Union member states|27]] |{{flag|Austria}} |{{flag|Belgium}} |{{flag|Bulgaria}} |{{flag|Cyprus}} |{{flag|Czech Republic}} |{{flag|Denmark}} |{{flag|Estonia}} |{{flag|Finland}} |{{flag|France}} |{{flag|Germany}} |{{flag|Greece}} |{{flag|Hungary}} |{{flag|Republic of Ireland}} |{{flag|Italy}} |{{flag|Latvia}} |{{flag|Lithuania}} |{{flag|Luxembourg}} |{{flag|Malta}} |{{flag|Netherlands}} |{{flag|Poland}} |{{flag|Portugal}} |{{flag|Romania}} |{{flag|Slovakia}} |{{flag|Slovenia}} |{{flag|Spain}} |{{flag|Sweden}} |{{flag|United Kingdom}} }}
|ethnic_groups      =
|ethnic_groups_year =
|demonym = [[Citizenship of the European Union|European]]<ref>''The [[New Oxford American Dictionary]]'', Second Edn., [[Erin McKean]] (editor), 2051 pages, May 2005, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-517077-6.</ref>
|government_type    = [[Sui generis]]
|leader_title1      = [[President of the European Commission|Commission]]
|leader_name1       = [[José Manuel Barroso]] <sup><small>[[European People's Party|(EPP)]]</small></sup>
|leader_title2      = [[President of the European Parliament|Parliament]]
|leader_name2       =  [[Hans-Gert Pöttering]] <sup><small>[[European People's Party|(EPP)]]</small></sup>
|leader_title3      = [[Presidency of the Council of the European Union|Council]]
|leader_name3       = [[France]]
|leader_title4      = [[President of the European Council|{{nowrap|European Council}}]]
|leader_name4       = [[Nicolas Sarkozy]] <sup><small>[[European People's Party|(EPP)]]</small></sup>
|sovereignty_type   = [[History of the European Union|Formation]]
|sovereignty_note   =
|established_event1 = [[Treaty of Paris (1951)|Paris Treaty]]
|established_date1  = 18 April 1951
|established_event2 = [[Treaty of Rome|Rome Treaty]]
|established_date2  = 25 March 1957
|established_event3 = [[Maastricht Treaty]]
|established_date3  = 7 February 1992
|area_rank          = <!--For comparison only, rank order non sensical please do not add-->
|area_magnitude     = 1 E12
|area_km2           = 4,324,782
|area_sq_mi         = 1,669,807 <!--Do not remove per [[WP:MOSNUM]]-->
|percent_water      = 3.08
|population_estimate         = 499,021,851 [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Union_member_state]
|population_estimate_rank    = <!--For comparison only, rank order non sensical please do not add--
|population_estimate_year    = 2008
|population_census           =
|population_census_year      =
|population_density_km2      = 114<!--494,070,000 / 4,324,782 = 114 people/km2 (figures are those used in infobox on 21 August 2007 (2007 figures)-->
|population_density_sq_mi    = 289 <!--Do not remove per [[WP:MOSNUM]]-->
|population_density_rank     = <!--For comparison only, rank order non sensical please do not add-->
|GDP_PPP                     = $14.712 trillion
|GDP_PPP_rank                = <!--For comparison only, rank order non sensical please do not add-->
|GDP_PPP_year                = 2007 ([[International Monetary Fund|IMF]])
|GDP_PPP_per_capita          = $28,213<!--2006 figure, anyone have 2007 or 2008? -->
|GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank     =
|GDP_nominal                 = $16.830 trillion
|GDP_nominal_rank            = <!--For comparison only, rank order non sensical please do not add-->
|GDP_nominal_year            = 2007 ([[International Monetary Fund|IMF]])
|GDP_nominal_per_capita      = $33,482<!--2007-->
|GDP_nominal_per_capita_rank =
|HDI                         =
|HDI_rank                    =
|HDI_year                    =
|HDI_category                =
|currency                    = {{Collapsible list |title=[[Eurozone#Enlargement|Euro + 12]] |Euro (€) <code>([[ISO 4217|EUR]])</code> (''[[de jure]]'')
|---- |[[Pound sterling|British pound]] |[[Bulgarian lev]] |[[Czech koruna]] |[[Danish krone]] |[[Estonian kroon]] |[[Hungarian forint]] |[[Latvian lats]] |[[Lithuanian litas]] |[[Polish złoty]] |[[Romanian leu]] |[[Slovak koruna]] |[[Swedish krona]]}}
|currency_code             =
|time_zone                 =
|utc_offset                = +0 to +2
|time_zone_DST-BST-GMT     =
|DST_note                  =
|utc_offset_DST            = +1 to +3
|cctld                     = [[.eu]]
|calling_code              = 
|footnote1                 = 


ГеслоUnited in diversity[2]
ХимнаOde to Joy[2] (orchestral)
Political centresBrussels
Official languages
Демоним European[3]
Member States
Уредување Sui generis
 •  Commission José Manuel Barroso (EPP)
 •  Parliament Hans-Gert Pöttering (EPP)
 •  Council France
 •  European Council Nicolas Sarkozy (EPP)
 •  Paris Treaty 18 April 1951 
 •  Rome Treaty 25 March 1957 
 •  Maastricht Treaty 7 February 1992 
 •  Вкупна 4,324,782 км2 
 •  Вода (%) 3.08
 •  проценка за  г. 499,021,851 [1] 
БДП (ПКМ) проценка за 2007 (IMF) г.
 •  Вкупен $14.712 trillion 
 •  По жител $28,213 
БДП (номинален) проценка за 2007 (IMF) г.
 •  Вкупно $16.830 trillion 
 •  По жител $33,482 
Часовен појас (UTC+0 to +2)
 •  (ЛСВ)  (UTC+1 to +3)
НДД .eu


Отворен е песок за да се тестираат нови работи пред да се применат правилно во предлошката:

Предлошка:Инфокутија за држава/песок

Ако е можно, ве молам обидете се да ги приспособите модификациите така што ќе бидат видливи за сите видови на пребарувачи и сите видови сметачи. Благодариме!


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