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Anastas Kocarev (македонски: Анастас Коцарев, 5 May 1889 - 29 March 1931), or Anastas Kotzareff, was a Macedonian activist and oncologist, known as a pioneer in cancer research and treatment.

Kocarev was born in 1889 in Ohrid, at the time under the Ottoman Empire. He worked with Marie Curie in diagnosing and treating cancer using radium. Kocarev was the first the take a radiograph of a photograph of a cancer patient.

In 1915, Kocarev founded the association "Macedonia" in Geneva. In 1918, he joined with other societies in Lausanne and Zurich to form the "Association of Macedonians for an Independent Macedonia". He advocated for an independent and united Macedonia, within a Balkan federation.[1]

Biography[уреди | уреди извор]

Kocarev completed primary education in Ohrid and high school in Selanik. Both of Kocarev's sisters died at a young age and his mother died from cancer.

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