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This page is where work is being done to come up with a generic table template to be used for organizing a list of facts about various astronomical bodies such as planets, natural satellites, and maybe also smaller bodies such as asteroids and комети (though I suspect that both asteroids and comets will be better served by having their own template design).

Планети и месечини

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Предлошка: {{Инфокутија Планета}}

Корисни извори наподатоци

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Мали планети (астероид, комети, кајпероиди итн.)

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{{Инфокутија Планета}}
61 Danaë
ОткривачH. Goldschmidt
ОткриеноSeptember 9, 1860
A917 SM; 1953 RL1
Main belt
Орбитални особености[2]
Епоха April 10, 2007 ([Јулијански ден
Афел520.940 Gm (3.482 ае)
Перихел371.124 Gm (2.481 ае)
446.032 Gm (2.982 АЕ)
1880.440 d (5.15 a)
17.13 km/s
Физички особености
Димензии82.0 km
Маса3.2×1017 kg
Средна густина
1.1 g/cm³
Екваториска површ. гравит.
0.0126 m/s²
0.0322 km/s
? d
0.2224±0.025 [3]
Температура~155 K

The example on the far right is the recommended table format for minor planets. It is generated by the {{Инфокутија Планета}} template. The template has an optional astron argument whose default value is helion; this allows its use to describe asteroid moons, as in the S/2000 (1998 WW31) 1 example.

Urhixidur wrote a nifty Windows tool (AstOrb Browser) that can greatly facilitate preparation of these. The most recent version can be downloaded from http://www.bigfoot.com/~D.U.Thibault (at the bottom of the page, under the heading "Delphi 7 and Wikipedia"). Since version 1.4.4, it uses the {{Инфокутија Планета}} format instead of {{Minor Planet}}. It also automatically generates the footers mentioned below, and integrates the necessary diacriticals.

Some values require special attention, as they are not filled in by AstOrb Browser, or are filled in using default values (the default Diameter, Albedo and Density can be overridden, and will revise the dependent values accordingly):

  • The discoverer and discovered values can be obtained from the "Discovery" link, or from the List of asteroids.
  • The alt_names link should be followed to reach the MPC query form, whence you can obtain the alternative designations (for 61 Danaë, you'd enter "(61)"). Since this page has been broken for a long time now, you can reach the alt_names listing directly by specifying the URL http://scully.cfa.harvard.edu/~cgi/PDes?pm=05178 (for (5178) in this example).
  • The mp_category is defaulted to "Main belt", and should be changed as appropriate.
  • The dimensions can be replaced by more accurate/recent values, supplying the reference (this value should be entered in AstOrb Browser in order to recompute the mass, gravity and escape velocity accordingly).
  • The mass, surface_grav and escape_velocity should be marked with a ? if the density and/or dimensions are guesswork.
  • The guesswork albedo, should whenever possible be replaced by a more accurate/recent value, supplying the reference, as was done here (you should use <ref> instead of <sup>, however).

A few short-hand templates are useful when dealing with asteroids with provisional designations. They are Template:mp, Предлошка:мпв, Предлошка:мпв-, Предлошка:мпм, and Предлошка:мпм-:

  • mpl ("minor planet link") is used to write a link, like so {{мпв|(15874) 1996 TL|66}} = (15874) 1996 TL66, whilst
  • mp ("minor planet") saves you from typing <sub></sub> if you'd rather not: {{мп|(15874) 1996 TL|66}} = (15874) 1996 TL66.
  • mpl- is used with numbered asteroids that have kept (so far) their provisional designations: {{мпв-|15760|1992 QB|1}} = 1992 QB1 instead of (15760) 1992 QB1.
  • mpm ("minor planet moon") is used to write a link to a minor planet's moon (where the minor planet is known by a provisional designation), such as S/2000 (1998 WW31) 1, which is written {{mpm|S/2000 (1998 WW|31|) 1}}.
  • mpm- ("minor planet moon") writes just the name, without the link (e.g. S/2000 (1998 WW31) 1, which is written {{mpm-|S/2000 (1998 WW|31|) 1}}).

Particularly useful are {{Мали планети-редослед }} and {{Мали тела во Сончевиот Систем}}. Scroll down beyond the table to the right to see examples of these.

Предлошка:Comet As discussed above, кометиs might be served better by a different template. Here is a suggestion for {{Comet}} we can toy with until we are happy with it. Awolf002 00:23, 5 December 2005 (UTC)

Комети со бројни ознаки
9P/Tempel Следна

Starbox tree

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Alpha Centauri

The position of Alpha Centauri.
Податоци од набљудување
Епоха J2000      Рамноденица J2000
Соѕвездие Centaurus
Ректасцензија 14h 39m 36.2s
Деклинација -60° 50′ 8.2″
Прив. величина (V) -0.01
Спектрален тип G2 V
U−B Боен показател 0.24
B−V Боен показател 0.65
Променлив тип N/A
Радијална брзина (Rv)21.6 км/с
Сопствено движење (μ) Рект: -3678.19 млс/г
Дек.: +481.84 млс/г
Паралакса (π)747.23 ± 1.17 млс
Оддалеченост4.38 сг
(1.33 пс)
Апсолутна величина (MV)4.40
Маса1.10/0.91 M
Полупречник1.23/0.87 R
Сјајност1.57/0.51 L
Температура5,800/5,300 K
Металичност130-230% Sun
Старост5-6 × 109 години
ПридружникAlpha Centauri B
Период (P)79.92 г.
Голема полуоска (a)17.515"
Занесеност (e)0.516
Наклон (i)79.24°
Должина (Ω)204.87° (ascending)°
Перицентарска епоха (T)1955.56
Други ознаки
α1 Cen, CP -60° 5483 A, Gliese 559A, FK5 538, HD 128620, HIP 71683, HR 5459, LHS 50, SAO 252838, YPC 3309.00

This table is composed of the following sub-templates:

References: [4] [5] [6]

Short star template

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Alpha Centauri
Податоци од набљудување
Епоха 2000      Рамноденица 2000
Соѕвездие Centaurus
Ректасцензија 14h 39m 36.5s
Деклинација -62° 50' 2.72"
Прив. величина (V) -0.01
Оддалеченост4.38 сг
(1.33 пс)
Сепктрален типG2 V
Други ознаки
α1 Cen, HD 128620, CP-60°5483 A, HR 5459, HIP 71683

This template is for stubby star articles, and should be replaced with the full template when the article is expanded.


Replaced by:

Extrasolar planets

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Предлошка:Extrasolar Planet

SN 1987A
1987A supernova remnant near the center
Спектрална класаIIp (unusual)
Датум24 February 1987 (23:00 UTC)
Ректасцензија05h 35m 49.942s (1950)
Декиланција−69° 17′ 57.60″ (1950)
Галактички координатиunknown
ДомаќинLarge Magellanic Cloud (LMC)
ПредокSanduleak −69° 202 a
Вид предокB3 supergiant
Боја (B-V)+0.085
ЗабележителностиThe closest recorded sn.
since invention of telescope
Најголема привидна величина+3

Template: {{Supernova }}

This is a table template that should be used for supernovae. It automatically assigns the article to Category:Supernovae.

Open Clusters

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NGC 6656
Податоци (епоха J2000.0)
Ректасцензија18h 36m 18s
Деклинација−23° 53′ 58″
Оддалеченост10.4 kly
Привидна величина (V)5.1
Привидни димензии (V)32.0″
Физички особености
Маса105 to 106 M
Други назнакиMessier 22
Поврзано: Расеано ѕвездено јато

Template: {{Cluster}}

Sample table for M22. Please modify and improve as needed.

Globular Clusters

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Предлошка:Globular cluster Template: {{Globular cluster}}

Sample table for M22. Please modify and improve as needed.

The template is for globular clusters.

Spiral Galaxy M109
Податоци од набљудување (епоха J2000.0)
СоѕвездиеUrsa Major
Ректасцензија11h 57.6m 36.0s
Деклинација+53° 23' 28"
Црв. помест.+0.003496
Оддалеченост41 million ly
Привидна величина (V)+9.8
Апсолутна величина (V)13.4
Привидна големина (V)7.6' × 4.9'
Забележливи особеностиPossible Milky Way-twin,
Bar at the center
Други ознаки
NGC 3992, UGC 6937

Template: {{Infobox Galaxy}}

This example table should be edited and used for galaxies.

Notes: Please see List of galaxies to find galaxies that do not yet have infoboxes/factsheets.
Please categorise your galaxy in a subcategory of Category:Galaxies

Galaxy cluster

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Стафанов Квинтет
Податоци од набљудување (епоха J2000)
Ректасцензија22ч 35м &1000000000000057500000057,5с
Деклинација+33° 57′ &1000000000000003600000036″
Најсјаен членNGC 7318B
Бр. на галаксии4
Други назнаки
HCG 92, Arp 319, VV 288

Template: {{Galaxy cluster}}

This example table should be edited and used for galaxy groups, clusters, and superclusters. It automatically assigns the article to Category:Galaxy clusters.

The sample data for this group was taken from the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) on 2006-09-18. However, NED may not be the best reference for all galaxy groups. It can be reliably used for compact groups such as the one in this example, and it can be used reliably for most Abell clusters and other moderate and high-redshift clusters, but it should be used cautiously (if used at all) for nearby galaxy groups such as the M81 Group.

3C 273
Податоци од набљудување (Епоха J2000.0)
Ректасцензија12ч 29м &1000000000000006700000006,7с[1]
Деклинација+02° 03′ &1000000000000000900000009″[1]
Црв. помест.47,469 ± 20 км/с[1]
Оддалеченост2,44 Гсг (749 Mpc)
Типблазар; Sy1[1]
Привидна величина (V)12,9[1]
ЗабележителностиПрв откриен квазар
Други ознаки
PGC 41121[1]
Поврзано: Квазар, Список на квазари

Template: {{Quasar}}

This example table should be edited and used for quasars.

Planetary Nebulae

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Предлошка:Planetary nebula Template: {{Planetary nebula}}

This example should be copied and used for all planetary nebulae. See List of planetary nebulae for articles on planetary nebulae. Please place new planetary nebulae on this list, and categorize in Category:Planetary nebulae, the category of its constellation, and the category of its catalog (ex:Category:Messier objects), in that order.

Protoplanetary Nebulae

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Предлошка:Protoplanetary nebula Template: {{Protoplanetary nebula}}

This example should be copied and used for all protoplanetary nebulae. See List of protoplanetary nebulae for articles on protoplanetary nebulae. Please place new protoplanetary nebulae on this list, and categorize in Category:Protoplanetary nebulae, the category of its constellation, and the category of its catalog (ex:Category:Messier objects), in that order.

Diffuse Nebulae

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Предлошка:Diffuse nebula

Template: {{Diffuse nebula}}

This example should be copied and used for all diffuse nebulae. See List of diffuse nebulae for articles on ddiffuse nebulae. Please place new diffuse nebulae on this list, and categorize in Category:Diffuse nebulae, the category of its constellation, and the category of its catalog (ex:Category:Messier objects), in that order.

Dark Nebulae

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Horsehead Nebula
Податоци (епоха J2000.0)
Ректасцензија05h 40m 59.0s
Деклинација-02° 27′ 30.0"
Оддалеченост1,500 ly
Привидна величина (V)-
Привидни димензии (V)8 × 6 arcmins
Физички особености
Апсолутна величина (V)-
Други називиIC 434, Barnard 33
Поврзано: темна маглина, маглини

Template: {{Dark nebula}}

Currently (2007) there are only six dark nebulae on Wikipedia, see List of dark nebulae.

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