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{{{number}}} {{{left}}}Елементкутија{{{right}}}


Име, симбол, број {{{name}}}, {{{symbol}}}, {{{number}}}
Група, период, блок {{{group}}}, {{{period}}}, {{{block}}}
Изглед {{{appearance}}}
Стандардна атомска маса {{{atomic mass}}} g·mol−1
Електронска конфигурација {{{electron configuration}}}
Електрони по обвивка {{{electrons per shell}}}
Икона за документација Шаблонска документација[преглед] [уреди] [историја] [превчитај]


To use an SVG periodic table image of form {{{symbol}}}-TableImage.svg, instead of the default {{{symbol}}}-TableImage.png, add the atomic number to the list (switch statement) below the line containing:

<!-- Enter the element number for any elements that have svg pictures-->

in this page (Template:Elementbox)'s source.

Be sure to maintain the formatting and order.

|series comment=
|series color=
|phase color=
|image name=
|image size=
|image name 2=
|image name 2 comment=
|atomic mass=
|atomic mass 2=
|atomic mass comment=
|electron configuration=
|electrons per shell=
|phase comment=
|density gplstp=
|density gpcm3nrt=
|density gpcm3nrt 2=
|density gpcm3mp=
|melting point K=
|melting point C=
|melting point F=
|melting point pressure=
|boiling point K=
|boiling point C=
|boiling point F=
|boiling point pressure=
|triple point K=
|triple point kPa=
|critical point K=
|critical point MPa=
|heat fusion=
|heat fusion 2=
|heat fusion pressure=
|heat vaporization=
|heat vaporization pressure=
|heat capacity=
|heat capacity pressure=
|vapor pressure 1=
|vapor pressure 10=
|vapor pressure 100=
|vapor pressure 1 k=
|vapor pressure 10 k=
|vapor pressure 100 k=
|vapor pressure comment=
|crystal structure=
|oxidation states=
|oxidation states comment=
|number of ionization energies=
|1st ionization energy=
|2nd ionization energy=
|3rd ionization energy=
|atomic radius=
|atomic radius calculated=
|covalent radius=
|Van der Waals radius=
|magnetic ordering=
|electrical resistivity=
|electrical resistivity at 0=
|electrical resistivity at 20=
|thermal conductivity=
|thermal conductivity 2=
|thermal diffusivity=
|thermal expansion=
|thermal expansion at 25=
|speed of sound=
|speed of sound rod at 20=
|speed of sound rod at r.t.=
|Young's modulus=
|Shear modulus=
|Bulk modulus=
|Poisson ratio=
|Mohs hardness=
|Vickers hardness=
|Brinell hardness=
|CAS number=
|isotopes comment=